Can Romney Win? 'Happy Days' Star Scott Baio Thinks So

Can Romney Win? 'Happy Days' Star Scott Baio Thinks So

Scott Baio of “Happy Days” fame recently sat down with Fox News to discuss his new sitcom “See Dad Run,” and he ended up sharing his thoughts about being Republican in Hollywood and next month’s presidential election.

After being asked whether he thinks Romney is going to win the election, Baio replied simply, “Sure I do.” Baio also spoke of being a part of the small minority of registered Republicans in Hollywood. He believes the community is much larger than people think. They’re just not as vocal as their liberal counterparts like Alec Baldwin.

“The people who believe what I believe are much quieter about it,” Baio said, “I think it’s because it’s who we are as people. We are less vocal people about what we believe and think.” 

Baio also had some nostalgic thoughts when remembering a candidate he campaigned for many years ago: none other than Ronald Reagan.

“When he passed away I wanted to go pay my respects. A producer A.C.Lyles for Paramount, he’s worked there for I think 80 years. He was veryfriendly with the Reagans and I called him and said that I wanted togo. He said, ‘Why don’t you write a letter to Mrs. Reagan?’ So I wrote aletter and faxed it over and she said, ‘We’d love to have you,'” Baio recalls.

It appears the pool of conservative artists grows deeper with the addition of the clearly grounded and respectable Baio. “See Dad Run” airsat 8 p.m. EST Sunday nights on Nickelodeon.