How Did Roseanne Barr Do on Election Day?

How Did Roseanne Barr Do on Election Day?

It’s known by everyone from my dog to my mailman that Hollywood is filled with left-leaning “artists” who make lazy ads for President Barack Obama and yell at anything that can even be perceived as conservative.

Some of these artists take it beyond the yelling and worshiping. Roseanne Barr, famous for the blue-collar sitcom “Roseanne” and one very special rendition of our National Anthem, actually ran for president this year with a campaign that was to Obama’s left. She ran on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket and managed to grab some votes along with Cindy Sheehan.

According to results reported by Google’s election day coverage, Barr placed fifth in the election with a total of 49,508 votes. That may not seem like a lot compared to Obama and Mitt Romney or even fellow third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, but when put in the context of some of Barr’s stances, views and comments it makes it easy to question the mental sanity of almost 50,000 Americans.

The only real attention Barr’s presidential run got was due to her incendiary tweets. In one tweet, she went so far as to plainly state: “Romney is pro rape.” And her views were just as extreme. She talked about a cap on wealth and bringing back the guillotine to punish people of Wall Street. She even tweeted that customers of Chick-fil-A deserved to get cancer … probably something to do with her stance about making food completely organic or how we need to create more green jobs.

This year hasn’t been kind to Barr. Not only did she not win the White House her NBC pilot, “Downwardly Mobile,” didn’t get picked up. In September, Barr appeared on Sean Hannity’s program and he had some advice for her. He told her that perhaps she could be taken more seriously if she cooled down the crazy rhetoric and put a halt to some of the blatantly rude tweets. She may not agree with Hannity’s political views, but I’m guessing as 2012 comes to a close she’s wishing she took some of his advice.

There’s always 2016.


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