Whoopi Goldberg Retweets Massacre Lie About Israelis

Whoopi Goldberg Retweets Massacre Lie About Israelis

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t know much about the current escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas.

That didn’t stop “The View” co-host from retweeting an inaccurate accusation that the Jewish state is massacring men, women and children.

@WhoopiGoldberg Whoopi can you please RT that the men, women & children in Gaza, Palestine have been getting Massacred for the past week.

Some of her followers quickly scolded her for her ugly tweet, forcing the comedian to offer up this limp reply:

question,who started THIS round of fighting between Palestinians & Israel Everyone wants a retweet about their side. Someone explain plse.

Does Goldberg not have a computer, a newspaper or even access to any credible news service? Maybe she’s waiting for the same person who asked for that retweet to set her straight on the matter.

This is the same Goldberg who botched up simply rules regarding the Mormon faith during an attempted gotcha interview with Ann Romney. She’s also the same personality who claimed Roman Polanski’s behavior toward an underage girl wasn’t “rape rape.

Now, she’s weighing in on the Middle East without knowing the basics behind the latest fighting.


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