Tucci's Spiritual 'Child' Comic Making Leap to Hardcover

Tucci's Spiritual 'Child' Comic Making Leap to Hardcover

A year ago graphic novel artist Billy Tucci unveiled “Billy Tucci’s ‘A Child is Born‘” to critical acclaim. Tucci, a U.S. Army veteran, is an award-winning illustrator known more for Sgt. Rock, capes and cowls than inspirational Christian art.

Tucci says his book is about “The greatest superhero of all time,” following the birth of Jesus through magnificently illustrated panels based on the gospels of Matthew and Luke. It was the first comic book by a major industry artist focused exclusively on the Biblical Christmas story.

Now Tucci is seeking to ramp up printing to a hardcover version, trying to make that leap from comic book to bookshelf in a manner that will appeal to parents and grandparents who would enjoying sharing the story of Jesus’ birth with children in a format that with which children can immediately identify.

Tucci has launched a Kickstarter effort to raise the needed seed money to make a large enough hardcover print run to attract major retailers, several of whom have indicated they will carry the book. Tucci is giving out valuable items to Kickstarter supporters in an attempt to drum up interest–it’s a fascinating example of the Internet-driven evolution of modern book publishing. One of conservative Tucci’s giveaways is of a beautifully rendered lithograph in honor of President Obama’s reelection – Tucci calls it following through on an “Eating Crow” pledge to Obama supporters.

Tucci has until Sunday to raise another $22,000 to turn comic into nationwide hardcover. Success Tucci’s Kickstarter attempt might revolutionize an aspect of the publishing industry – aside from Amazon.com, an antiquated backwater largely untouched by the Internet.


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