Reporter Arrested While Covering 'Gasland Part II' Tribeca Premiere

Reporter Arrested While Covering 'Gasland Part II' Tribeca Premiere

Ticket-holding farmers had a rough time at Sunday’s screening of Gasland Part II at the Tribeca Film Festival, getting denied a seat for daring to shout tough questions to the film’s director and celebrity supporter, Yoko Ono.

At least they didn’t get arrested before the day was done.

A journalist covering a commotion outside of the Gasland II screening on Sunday at the Tribeca Film Festival says organizers had her arrested, and that the media outlets for which she works are now planning legal action.

Julia Mineeva, a former Russian TV anchor, told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday that a festival employee ripped her press credentials from her neck and accused of her being disruptive. After Mineeva left the theater lobby and walked for several blocks, a police officer handcuffed her, took her to jail for about 30 minutes and issued a summons for trespassing.

Gasland Part II continues director Josh Fox’s attack on the process of fracking.



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