BH Interview: Libertarian Humorist Julie Borowski Mocks Lena Dunham, Liberal Cliches: Part II

BH Interview: Libertarian Humorist Julie Borowski Mocks Lena Dunham, Liberal Cliches: Part II

Make way, liberal humorists, Julie Borowswki has entered the public arena, and she is hilarious! Borowski’s blog-videos, entitled Token Libertarian Girl, can be found at You Tube and her personal blog.

The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) recently awarded Borowski its “Best Video Blogger” award. And it is no wonder. While her material can be very persuasive, like her videos on the Boston Marathon bombing and the searches that followed, and the scandals of the Obama administration, her videos can also be very funny, like when she ridiculed Obama voters, and when she complained of her recent treatment at the hands of the TSA.

In this second half of her interview, Borowski discusses her response the Lena Dunham political video calling for young people to vote for President Obama’s re-election, the clichés that liberals inject into political discussions and the current collection of conservative political leaders.

Big Hollywood: One of your videos was an answer to that silly Lena Dunham video that was made shortly before last fall’s election, in which she advocated casting your very first vote for Obama, making it sound like a sexual thing. You must have made your video answer to that one in record time. Do you have any thoughts about the irrationality of today’s younger generation voting to re-elect a president who has loaded that generation with so much debt?

Julie Borowski: Ha, yeah. That video was gross. I think the Democratic Party has done a much better job at marketing to young people than has the Republican Party. The Democrats have marketed themselves as the party of tolerance, peace, and freedom (sooo not true). The Republicans are seen as the party of intolerance, war and old people. They are usually on the defensive and rarely on the offensive. The Republican Party needs to re-brand and re-think foreign policy and social issues. Big government foreign policy as promoted by the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham is the opposite of limited government, fiscal conservatism, and life. On social issues, the Republican Party needs to be more consistent. It’s fine to have social conservative views (I definitely lean that way in my private life), but it’s not fine to dictate moral values through the government. We should be advocating for limiting the size and scope of government in every aspect of people’s lives. The government isn’t the answer to a moral society.

Big Hollywood: How huge of a mistake was it for the American people to re-elect President Obama? In one of your videos you seemed to agree with a fictional argument that an Obama re-election will doom the US.

Borowski: Yes, it was a big mistake to re-elect Obama. I would have been disappointed no matter who won the general election though. Ha. I actually think Congress matters more than the President. All I have to say is that we have a lot of work to do.

Big Hollywood: Have you read the book Tyranny of Cliches, by Jonah Goldberg? Actually neither have I. But I heard a great interview of Goldberg, in which he made the point that liberals like to win political arguments by using clichés instead of actual arguments. It has occurred to me that you do the opposite in your videos, you engage and argue conservative principles instead of using clichés. Seems kind of complicated! (Playing Devil’s Advocate here): wouldn’t it just be easier to throw out a cliché or stereotype of the opposition and win the argument without having to engage in actual arguing?

Borowski: I haven’t read that book. Sure. Going back to the college question, it is so easy to write papers supporting universal healthcare. Argument: everyone should get free health care because compassion, niceness, butterflies. You have to be a monster to argue with butterflies. But in all seriousness, libertarian arguments seem to be deeper than that.

Big Hollywood: I saw by your website that you oppose the death penalty, proving that you aren’t perfect.  Are there any libertarian policies with which you disagree?

Borowski: Yes, I oppose the death penalty. I used to be a big supporter of the death penalty so I understand the emotional arguments for the death penalty. I started to oppose the death penalty when I started to think about more than just “I want to get revenge.” If you distrust and want to limit the government, then you shouldn’t give the government the power to kill people especially if it cost more taxpayer money. Also, I got to experience the ridiculousness of the judicial system: guilty people are let free, innocent people are put in jail all the time. Now, I just can’t trust the government with the power to end lives.

I don’t know if there are any solid libertarian policies with which I disagree. There are a few policy issues where libertarians disagree with each other: most notably, immigration and abortion. I am pro-immigration and pro-life.

Big Hollywood: As a libertarian, how do you feel about libertarian voters in 2012 throwing various elections to the Democrats? Mike Flynn of Breitbart News wrote a great article pointing out that two Senate races and six House races could have gone to the GOP if Libertarian voters had voted Republican.

Borowski: I’m not a member of the Libertarian Party. Good liberty minded-candidates won’t get elected by running on the LP ticket. They can get elected by running on the GOP ticket. See: Ron Paul, Rep. Justin Amash, Rep. Thomas Massie. We don’t have 30 years to build up the Libertarian Party, especially when the system (unfortunately) is stacked against third party candidates. That being said, I have voted for the LP candidate when I couldn’t stand the Republican or the Democrat on the ticket. I know the LP candidate stands no chance of winning but if someone wants my vote, they have to earn it.

Big Hollywood: What is next for Julie Borowski?

Borowski: People keep asking and I shrug my shoulders. I think I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and see where it leads.  


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