Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Bash Race Card Players, Government Overreach

Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Bash Race Card Players, Government Overreach

Adam Carolla has been called “racist” enough times to know how the game is played. He fired back–and then some–this week on his Adam and Dr. Drew Show podcast.

Carolla dedicated part of his Aug. 1 podcast to those who live to sling the “racist” label at those with whom they disagree–typically folks on the left. He began by decrying how liberals use the race card to shut down the debate without offering real solutions to the cultural problems in play.

They did what a lot of folks on the left do, which is they take a problem… Then they take the person who would like to find the root of the problem, label him a racist, offer no solutions for the problem, other than me and my racism and then move on. As conquering heroes, by the way. 

Carolla then played his own race card, a tactic people who lean right rarely attempt.

You want to know what’s racist? Treating races like kids,” Carolla said. “Like they can’t handle the truth. Like they can’t pull themselves up by their own boot-straps. What’s racist is all the super-scared white people, who live in the fuckin’ triple-gated communities who are scared shitless about certain races and don’t believe, in their heart — ultimate racism — that they’re capable of doing what they’re capable of doing. That’s racism.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, his tag-team partner on the podcast, is often guarded during such volatile conversations. Not this time.

We [white people] are not allowed to weigh-in on much nowadays. Free speech is a fallacy.

Pinksy then turned the discussion toward the government, and whether the duo’s conversations could draw the attention of any local or federal officials.

Do you have any fear that the government-overreach now becomes the daddy, the boss, that you get the Justice Department coming in here because somebody rings a bell and says, ‘Adam Carolla’s a dangerous guy, you need to investigate him’, and they find some ‘t’ not crossed in your ocean regulations. You know what I mean? They could fuck you up. Government overreach is here, man,” Drew said.

Carolla responded, “Oh no, I’m sure of it.