Jon Stewart on Obamacare: A 'Turd' the Dems Can't Spin

Jon Stewart on Obamacare: A 'Turd' the Dems Can't Spin

Even The Daily Show host Jon Stewart couldn’t sit back and let the botched rollout of Obamacare go unnoticed.

On Monday’s edition of the liberal Comedy Central show, Stewart scorched the official Obamacare web site, a debacle of such epic proportions even mainstream news outlets are correctly dubbing it so. But when Stewart attacks it in his usual blustery fashion, progressives who claim to get their news from The Daily Show may have gotten a dose of reality instead. 

Oh my God, less than 10 percent?” Stewart said. “How bad is that? Twenty percent is the number of dentists who recommend sugared gum. How low is it? According to a recent poll, more of this country believes Obamacare has been repealed than have been able to sign up for Obamacare. The whole point of web sites is to design them so that it is nearly impossible to not sign up for something. Every time I go on Amazon there’s a 40 percent chance I’ll mistakenly overnight myself six seasons of ‘Night Court.’ It’s just the way it’s designed. ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page?’ Yes I am — oops, turns out I ordered something. So how are the Democrats going to spin this turd?


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