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Expert: Pedophilia in Hollywood Still a Problem

Expert: Pedophilia in Hollywood Still a Problem

Former child star Corey Feldman shares stories of child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry through his new book, Coreyography.

Fox News reports that Hollywood’s pedophilia problem hasn’t gone away since the days when Feldman and Corey Haim starred in a crush of popular films.

The problem is arguably worse in 2013.

Pedophiles and predators in Hollywood are just as rampant today, if not more so. The entertainment industry is much larger than it was in their day. Think how many cable channels there are. In Corey’s day, there were channels 2-13,” Anne Henry, co-founder of BizParentz Foundation, an organization that supports families of children working in the entertainment industry, told FOX411. “We also have the Internet today, which allows predators to virtually stalk and contact child actors in a more personal way.

One positive difference from Feldman’s run as an in-demand child star–legislation that bars sex offenders from working near young stars.

One change between then and now, however, is new legislation making it illegal for registered sex offenders to work with children in the entertainment industry. BizParentz, SAG-AFTRA, the Association of Talent Agents, and the MPAA worked together to pass bill AB1660 in California.


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