Oliver Stone: 'White' Republicans 'Strange,' 'Threatened' by Black President

Oliver Stone: 'White' Republicans 'Strange,' 'Threatened' by Black President

Yet another Hollywood denizen looks at Republican opposition to President Barack Obama and sees racism.

Far-left director Oliver Stone raged against “white” Republicans during an interview on the publicly funded Tavis Smiley Show this week.

I don’t know why these Republican white people, frankly, the McConnells and the, they’re strange to me. They, it’s almost as if we’re an apartheid state and they’re still fighting for the rights of whites in South Africa. It’s like they’re scared….

It’s awful because they gerrymandered the states so, with this, they’ve taken democracy away from us. How can Obama be elected by a million and a half votes in 2012 and have the House of Representatives so singularly Republican? That to me is the result of gerrymandering. Also their stand on guns, their stand on white rights, the concept of blocking the voting of blacks and Hispanics, it adds up. I would think that they’re very scared this country is going to become colored.

All the while, Smiley alternately chuckled and egged Stone on. Your tax dollars helped make their exchange possible.


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