Oscars Plan Salute to 'Heroes' – Will U.S. Military Get Its Close-Up?

Oscars Plan Salute to 'Heroes' – Will U.S. Military Get Its Close-Up?

The annual Oscars telecast has been angering conservative viewers for years. Blame the show’s willingness to mock GOP-friendly targets, awards handed out to hard-left documentaries and the general liberal tilt of the film industry in general.

It didn’t help that First Lady Michelle Obama enjoyed last year’s biggest honor–introducing the Best Picture winner. 

Now, the show’s producers are promising a “heroes” theme for the March 2 broadcast, and it could be a chance to broaden the evening’s appeal beyond progressive viewers.

Offering their first preview of the upcoming Oscar broadcast, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, the producers said the show will honor big-screen real-life heroes, super heroes, popular heroes and animated heroes, both past and present, as well as the bold filmmakers who bring them to life.

The official statement certainly sounds vague. Entertainment Weekly suspects people like Erin Brockovich and journalist Bob Woodward might be some of the real heroes honored.

Why not the men and women of the U.S. Military?

Major sports telecasts routinely invite military members to perform or stand for powerful tributes. Might the Oscars do the same? Lone Survivor, the true story of a battle involving heroic Navy SEALS, gives the film industry an opening to bring someone like the real Marcus Luttrell to the main stage.

The night also could pay tribute to police officers, fire fighters or the first responders who save lives when tragedy strikes.

Such a move might be seen as an obvious attempt to win over conservative audience members, but it would certainly be a step in the right direction. More importantly, those lucky enough to get a front-row seat to the event will get a night to tell their children and grandchildren. It’s the least they deserve.