Bottom-Rated 'Girls': 'Hit Show,' Lena Dunham 'Queen of Comedy'

Bottom-Rated 'Girls': 'Hit Show,' Lena Dunham 'Queen of Comedy'

About one-third of one-percent of the American population watched the latest season premiere of HBO’s “Girls” — 1.1 million to be exact. Despite the fact that by any measure (including HBO ratings) “Girls” is a low-rated flop, just because the elite media likes it, they will never will never stop selling the show as a “hit” or its star and creator Lena Dunham as the “Queen of Comedy.”

The anti-science New York Post:

Making headlines for frequently appearing nude on the hit HBO show she that created, writes and stars in, Dunham dons designer gowns in her New York habitat — posing before the Flatiron Building with co-star Adam Driver, with a pigeon on her head, on a messy bed, and in a bathtub for photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The anti-science Vogue:

Lena Dunham: The New Queen of Comedy’s First Vogue Cover

With our media it is never about facts and only about agenda.


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