'Star Trek' Actor Compares Utah Gov. to Segregationist George Wallace

'Star Trek' Actor Compares Utah Gov. to Segregationist George Wallace

George Takei’s most famous role, Lt. Sulu from Star Trek, showcases the actor’s avuncular side.

The openly gay Takei is far more direct, and critical, when it comes to issues like same-sex marriage.

Takei told a reporter for The Wrap covering the Sundance Film Festival that Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is like a famed segregationist of yore for the politician’s stance on gay marriage.

He reminds me of Governor George Wallace about 50 years who stood in the schoolhouse doorway trying to deny little black girls and little black boys equality in education. That’s what Governor Herbert is trying to do, deny justice. These are people that legally, lawfully got married, and he’s saying No, no, no.

The Utah governor has vowed to defend his state’s same-sex marriage ban after a federal judge overturned it late last year. 

Takei attended the film festival in connection with To Be Takei, a new documentary chronically the actor’s life journey from internment camp resident to gay rights activist.

The actor previously called traditional marriage supporters “sick” and ignorant” via a Funny or Die video short.


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