Bill Maher: Bill Clinton 'Thin Skinned … Needs to Be Adored'

Bill Maher: Bill Clinton 'Thin Skinned … Needs to Be Adored'

Liberal comedian Bill Maher once pined to quiz former President Bill Clinton on his HBO show.

Now, the Real Time with Bill Maher host has moved on to different fantasy interview subjects. The reason? To hear Maher tell it, the ex-president doesn’t like straight talk even from an admirer. asked Maher about Clinton and why he has yet to grace the Real Time stage–and won’t any time soon.

Why won’t he do the show?

He’s a very talented politician. But he’s very thin skinned, really, and doesn’t take criticism well, and I call it as a I see it. I voted for him. I defended him endlessly when he was being impeached. Back then we were friends. Anytime he came out to the West Coast I’d be invited to events, I once introduced him at some fundraiser. But I have also said critical things. He’s the kind of guy who needs to be adored. If you’re not straight on kissing the ass, don’t get in the game.


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