New Novel Depicts Hollywood as the Real Sin City

New Novel Depicts Hollywood as the Real Sin City

What would you do if one day you were chosen to help clean up a dirty town, a town infamous for destroying souls and robbing countless young dreamers of their better years?

I’m talking about Hollywood, California and this is where Truman Morrow, the hero in my debut novel, Six Devils In The San Fernando Valley, begins his incredible journey into the depths of the entertainment business.

Hollywood is filled with tales of bad behavior, ruined careers, suicides, and overdoses–but these are all just the ugly dividends of a much deeper problem, a problem both terrifying and fascinating at the same time–a problem that makes one hell of a good setting for a romantic thriller.

What if show business is in fact an evil enterprise? What if evil spirits are thriving on human misery like vampires thrives on blood? Is it then too hard to imagine that they’ve built an entire industry around keeping themselves fed?

This is the world Truman encounters and what he discovers will startle you…

I used to write for Big Hollywood, years back, right at its launch. I had sent a piece to Andrew Breitbart, and the next day he called me up. We talked for about an hour on the phone about everything Hollywood, not just politics. I knew then as I know now, that the only way conservatives could change show business was to participate openly in it.

At that point I had the concept for this novel flickering in my head, and during our conversation Andrew told me he was calling artists to action. By the time I got off the phone, my mind was made up–the flicker had become a fire.

Ours is not fire, horns and pitchforks, ours is harvesting the pestilence of ego.”  — Studio head, Lawrence Fischer, from Six Devils in the San Fernando Valley.

Six Devils In The San Fernando Valley is a cautionary tale about the grinding gears of the Hollywood broken-dream machine and those that chase it to hell. Truman Morrow inherits a task that is quite daunting. As well as dealing with the evils of Hollywood, he is also on a quest to select his one true love from the beautiful yet mysterious women in his life. It’s a severe task, one that is painted warmly with romance, sex, violence, ghosts, heroes and villains, in the golden, omnipresent sun of Southern California.

Even in this racy envelope I would still call it a conservative tale wrapped up in romantic, thriller-novel clothing, one with a storyline that’s punched up by some jarring Shakespearian twists. 

I let several friends read my manuscript before publication, you know, get the thoughts of those who will give you an honest review.

“My 18 year old wants to be the next Katy Perry, maybe I should have her read your book first,” one said.

By writing this novel, I endeavored to address what I think is a long overdue discussion about the rabid quest for fame and stardom in American society. I tried to illustrate, in entertaining fashion, the destructive effect it it’s having on our youth.

This person’s take on my book was very gratifying, not because I wanted to scare anyone, but because I had succeeded in conveying the pitfalls of a town that could be at first, soothing as a narcotic, but finally, as crushing as the same drug in a well progressed addiction. 

Six Devils In The San Fernando Valley is available currently on Amazon in print and Kindle version. Please visit the Facebook page for more info.

Oh, and tell your kids, it’s okay to follows their dreams, but make sure they’re ones that are indeed worth following.