Box Office Predictions: '300: Rise of an Empire' Survives Threats, 'Non-Stop' Struggles

Box Office Predictions: '300: Rise of an Empire' Survives Threats, 'Non-Stop' Struggles

A three way race at the top has the industry buzzing, but just who can grab the weekend crown?

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. Need For Speed ($24 million) – Love these film-makers, their “no nonsense” style worked great for Act of Valor. Now they get to tap into the Fast and Furious vein with this revenge thriller. Do they get the attention of being the next great Oscar contenders? No, but do they understand their target audiences? An emphatic “yes.”

2. 300: Rise of an Empire ($22 million)– Indeed, a glorious box office opening last week. Most prediction sites had it struggling to reach the $40 million, Sensei knew better as it easily topped the $45 million mark, putting his prediction call closer than most. Film will easily cross the $75 million domestic mark this weekend, well on its way to becoming one of Spring’s top blockbusters.

3. Mr. Peabody & Sherman ($21 million)Surprisingly, this film didn’t start stronger out of the gate last week. Younger audiences are enjoying the film, but it just isn’t getting the turnout it was hoping. A solid second weekend should help.

4. Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club ($13 million) – Tyler Perry audiences remain one of the hardest to predict. So throw out the stat books. Sensei feels the film can grab some attention, but doesn’t see it pulling one of Perry’s high openings.

5. Non-Stop ($8 million)– This film can only stare and be envious of 300’s mighty box office run. As stated before, thanks to the film’s political troubles, it will “leave a lot of money on the table.” Despite its high original opening, a $100 million domestic gross is definitely not happening here, film has seen all its momentum go 300’s way.

Those are Sensei’s calls. Enjoy the weekend.