Report: Missing Word in 'Noah' Film? 'God'

Report: Missing Word in 'Noah' Film? 'God'

Critics are starting to weigh in on Noah, the new Biblical blockbuster from the director of Black Swan.

The reviews have been generally positive so far, with the film garnering a 70 percent “fresh” rating at movie criticism aggregator as of 3:40 p.m. EST today.

The Hollywood Reporter’s take on the film, opening March 28, confirms the notion that director Darren Aronofsky’s movie carries a serious environmental message along with the classic yarn. That review also mentions a word not used during the film’s two-plus hour running time, one that might make the movie a harder sell to its intended audience–faith-friendly viewers.

Already banned in some Middle Eastern countries, Noah will rile some for the complete omission of the name “God” from the dialogue, others for its numerous dramatic fabrications and still more for its heavy-handed ecological doomsday messages, which unmistakably mark it as a product of its time.


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