Hollywood Playbook: Thursday's Top 5 News Items

Hollywood Playbook: Thursday's Top 5 News Items

1. THR: ‘Slave’ Oscar-Winner Too ‘Dark-Skinned’ for ‘Industry Prejudices’

Hollywood is apparently very open about how it is almost impossible for a light-skinned black actress to achieve the same career heights as a Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie, and outright impossible for a dark-skinned black actress like Lupita Nyong’o, who just won an Oscar for her supporting role in “12 Years a Slave.” 

This talented and lovely young woman is currently running around Hollywood looking for her next job and everyone  in this The Hollywood Reporter story is openly talking about how difficult it will be for her to find a job because her skin is too dark.

Where the hell is the Justice Department?

If it were Walmart or Koch Industries openly claiming that they were reticent to hire a dark-skinned black woman because she might not appeal to the customers, they would be forced into bankruptcy by the National Guard.

What is blatant racism for any other industry is perfectly okay in Hollywood.

Regardless, this is Hollywood’s hang-up. They’re the ones who see a dark-skinned black woman. The rest of us see a hot-looking movie star with genuine charisma and talent. 

In 2014 America, it is left-wing Hollywood’s bigotry keeping Ms. Nyong’o off the screen, not America.

All throughout history, it always has and still is Democrats keeping racism alive.


2. Federal Government Joins Fight Against Aereo

How completely unsurprising it is that the Federal Government would join hands to protect Big Entertainment from a Tucker-The-Man-and-His-Dream company like Aereo.

What Aereo does is combine the technology of the digital antennae and the DVR. For a small monthly fee of around $10 (packages vary with DVR size), which is much cheaper than cable. Aereo will set you up with a system that captures over-the-air free TV and turns it into something you can stream at your convenience.  

The broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.) literally want the company put out of business. Their spurious argument is that Aereo is using a retransmission to make a profit. From what I gather, the opposition is comparing Aereo to a cable company grabbing over-the-air broadcasts without paying a retransmission fee.

How that argument holds up makes no sense. You have a dedicated antennae going to a dedicated DVR — basically, an upgraded version of attaching rabbit ears to your Betamax.

The REAL issue here is that the Bad Guys are desperate to save bundled cable and ensure the rich get richer by tying people to their obscenely huge cable bills.

Big Entertainment and the federal government that cronies with Big Entertainment (including the cable networks and companies equally interested in seeing Aereo strangled in the crib) are terrified that customers might sign up for Aereo and decide that’s “good enough”; they can live without CNN, ESPN, and that $150 cable bill.

Bundled cable is a financial windfall for these companies because tens of millions of Americans are forced to pay for dozens of channels they never watch, and everyone skims the cream: the cable companies, the entertainment companies, the news media, and the federal government.  

It is a terrible thing when the people’s government fights against them, but this case defines special interests effectively lobbying our government to strip The People of a cheaper alternative to the vertical monopoly of bundled cable that now holds us hostage.

And don’t expect the news media to stand up for you. Without the sugar daddy of bundled cable’s carriage fees (paid by you), CNN and MSNBC would go out of business. No mainstream media outlet wants Fox News to be the only cable news network left standing.


3. Daily Beast: ‘Noah’ is a Global Warming Epic

According to director Darren Aronofsky’s longtime collaborator and “Noah’s” cinematographer…  

Gee, can we debate it now, Russell?

What is the film’s environmentalist message?

I love the environmentalism allegory. It hasn’t been talked about much because of this fear. But one of the things I appreciate about the film is its statement and about how timely it is with climate change. People are wholeheartedly denying climate change because they’ve been told to deny it. So the fact that we’re still in a society where people are denying climate change is happening is insane. Science and religion have always been in conflict.

And the story of Noah really sees these two things–religion and science–in conflict.

I think that’s what we’re dealing with in our world, and that’s why the film’s important. If you think about the conflict between science and religion, it speaks to that. One of the great characters in the film is Tubal-cain. I’ve seen things written that he’s a shallow, thinly written villain. I disagree. Listen to the man’s words! Those are not Marvel lines, man. He bites the head off a lizard and Ham says, “What are you doing? That was precious! There’s only two of them!” And he says, “There’s only one of me. You have to seize it. The Creator’s created this for us–to take dominion over all the things that He created, He created man.” That idea is happening now. Nobody says it. John Boehner doesn’t say it. But that’s what he fucking feels. It’s insane


4. Meet the New Green Goblin

The “new” Green Goblin?

Something I hate about popular culture is how old it makes me feel. It’s already time for a “new” Green Goblin? Wasn’t Willem Dafoe the “new” Green Goblin just a few years ago back in 2002?

Oh, wait, 2002 was TWELVE years ago and Tobey Maguire will turn forty next year and I need to find a corner to cry in as I await death.

Anyway, after you compose yourself, go ahead and click the link.

The NEW Green Goblin looks pretty cool.


5. Box Office Analyst: ‘God’s Not Dead’ Expands Theatres, ‘Noah’ No Sure Thing

After an impressive debut of $9 million on just 780 screens last weekend, “God’s Not Dead” is adding nearly 400 screens this weekend. The Wrap’s box office analysis says, “powered by a knockout social media campaign, it’s hard to bet against it.”

The $125 million “Noah,” which is directed by an atheist who called his own creation “the least biblical film ever,” is expected to only bring in $35 million.

I hate making predictions, but let me go out on a limb here and predict “Noah” slides closer to $40 million or over. If the weather sucks, I take it back.

These controversies tend to happen in a bubble. A vast majority of the American people have lives and what they see after a long winter and work week is a massive, adult Biblical epic/disaster film starring Russell Crowe that’s getting pretty good reviews, is rated PG-13, and … wouldn’t it be nice to get out of the house and go to the movies this weekend?

Even though it will be for work, I am also looking forward to seeing it tomorrow afternoon.  


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