Alec Baldwin on Barney Frank: Some of My Best Heroes Are Gay!

Alec Baldwin on Barney Frank: Some of My Best Heroes Are Gay!

Television actor Alec Baldwin is currently producing a documentary about Democrat Barney Frank, America’s first openly gay Congressman, and recently commented:

Barney Frank is a personal hero of mine,” he said in a statement. “His legacy in Congress–and his historic importance as the first openly gay and married Congressman–important for our country.

Like the Stalinists of old, Left-wing fascists like those who populate GLAAD and the American news media and Hollywood, actually love this kind of pandering, especially if they know it is not sincere.

Personally, I can’t think of anyone in these politically correct times who has been given more opportunities to clean up his anti-gay act than Baldwin. After numerous incidents that we know of, Baldwin was given a choice anchor position on MSNBC — just a few weeks after he had hurled gay slurs and threatened a gay journalist. But Baldwin’s left-wing movie star bona fides failed to save him this last time.

After Baldwin screamed “fag” and “c**ksucker” at a photojournalist (Baldwin denies he said “fag”), it was too much. GLAAD finally criticized him. MSNBC fired him. And after decades of boorish, bigoted, and bullying behavior, Baldwin’s Free Pass was finally revoked.

Now Baldwin is hoping to work his way back into the good graces of the Left in the only way the Left truly appreciates — through shameless pandering.


Cultural Marxism isn’t about changing people’s hearts and minds, it is about terrorizing the population into behaving a certain way. The more slobbering and insincere the pandering, the happier these groups are — because they know you are really, really scared.

It is just another form of the Show Trial.

My guess is that the fascist left are very, very happy with Mr. Baldwin right now.


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