U.S. Sanctions against Russia Jeopardize Cyrus, Timberlake Finland Concerts

U.S. Sanctions against Russia Jeopardize Cyrus, Timberlake Finland Concerts

Concerts for Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake scheduled for Finland might be in trouble now that the United States has imposed sanctions against the Russians who own the venue. 

Gennady Timchenko and brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg own the Hartwell Arena, Finland’s biggest entertainment venue, and all three were named “in a list of visa bans and asset freezes imposed by the United States.” 

President Obama passed sanctions against people in Putin’s inner circle and his preferred bank after Russian President Vladimir Putin officially annexed Crimea from Ukraine.  

Lawyers of Live Nation Finland, the concert promoters, are communicating with the U.S. about whether the sanctions prohibit American musicians from performing at the venue:

“We are examining the possibility whether this could have an impact on American artists’ shows,” said Nina Castren, the chief executive of Live Nation Finland.

“If it does, then we will need to come up with a different solution. But I believe that the problem will be solved and the concerts will be held,” she said.

A company that has a U.S. presence, big or small, can face major penalties for doing business with anyone on the sanctions list.

Timberlake’s sold-out concert is in May, and Cyrus’s concert is scheduled for June. 


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