Seth Rogen Calls Hobby Lobby, SCOTUS A**Holes

Seth Rogen Calls Hobby Lobby, SCOTUS A**Holes

The Hobby Lobby debate struck a nerve with comedian Seth Rogen. The Neighbors star took to Twitter Monday in a pretty serious manner, calling Hobby Lobby and Supreme Court justices “Assholes.” 

Rogen was irate over a ruling by SCOTUS who decided–in a 5-4 vote–that Hobby Lobby and other family-owned businesses would not be obligated to pay for contraceptives for their employees; the majority held that the federal government was in violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in forcing a small number of privately-owned businesses to do so for their workers.

Rogen even linked to the Huffington Post in his tweet:

When Rogen received harsh criticism from one of his Twitter followers, he once again summoned his great command over the English language and said “eat sh*t crap face.” 

Rogen appears to have deleted the original response to his fellow tweeter Drew Jaklitsch’s words, but not before Drew snapped a screenshot and reposted it to his own feed. A link to the response can be found below: 


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