Steven Spielberg's Dinosaur Pic Sparks False Social Media Outrage

Steven Spielberg's Dinosaur Pic Sparks False Social Media Outrage

You can’t believe everything you read on social media, nor be outraged at the picture memes shared on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Case in point: a 20-plus year old picture of director Steven Spielberg posing with a mechanical triceratops on the set of Jurassic Park.

The snapshot called to mind cheerleader/hunter Kendall Jones who proudly posed with a dead animal she had hunted and killed, a photograph which sparked outrage among some on social media.

The Spielberg image captured a similar sense of pride, but a few too many people assumed the director had actually slain the beast, according to The Independent. And a viral photograph was born.

The image has been shared over 33,000 times attracting thousands of comments, initially from misinformed users (apparently unaware that dinosaurs are no longer) and also those lamenting their stupidity.

Many chuckled at the image, knowing the person who posted it was riffing on the Jones image. Others took it a mite too seriously.

I did not know that Steven Spielberg is a dinosaur hunter,” said Andrea O’Donnell Koran. “I am not only outraged, but disgusted!!”

“This is no sport!!” cried Omega McCracken, as Sondre Jorstad questioned: “Why did he kill such a rare animal?