Producers of Gosnell Abortion Film Hire Writer Andrew Klavan

Producers of Gosnell Abortion Film Hire Writer Andrew Klavan

A writer has been hired to adapt the story of Kermit Gosnell, the doctor who was convicted of murdering live babies out of his Philadelphia abortion clinic, into a Hollywood film.

The writer, Andrew Klavan, is a bestselling author whose novel True Crime was previously turned into a Clint Eastwood film. 

Klavan is also responsible for the 2008 Wall Street Journal piece in which he compared George W. Bush to Batman.

The Gosnell Project set a major Indiegogo record in May, when more than $2.1 million was raised in support of the project. Kickstarter was accused of liberal bias by producer Phelim McAleer around the same time.

Detailed grand jury documents will be used to tell the story of a man who brutally murdered seven newborn babies and conducted multiple late-term abortions. 

The producers of Gosnell, husband and wife Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, along with Klavan, deem the film necessary because traditional Hollywood and mainstream media have ignored the Gosnell murders, reluctant to cast a negative light on abortion.

One reporter, Megan McArdle, later admitted to her regret for downplaying the severity of the murder case. 

“What really grabbed me about this is that, here you have the worst serial killer in American history — the banality of evil made flesh — and yet there’s this powerful bureaucratic inertia that provides him cover,” Klavan said. “Even when he’s discovered, there’s this real reluctance to bring the truth to the public. The Gosnell murders were an inconvenient truth that no one wanted to tell.” 


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