Fear of Sharia Law Not PC, Just Common Sense

Fear of Sharia Law Not PC, Just Common Sense

My dear fellow Americans, I am writing to you from a French Bistro in Stockholm, Sweden. A lovely people and country. I have found for the most part they love America and do think it is exceptional.

I am never one to be shy about connecting with people from the country I happen to be in. For me, getting to know what and how they think is fascinating. I like to ask the hard questions, questions that may seem too impolite to talk about but nevertheless are crucial to understanding.

So, after I break the ice with some light banter, I begin probing like an obsessed scientist and attempt to have a sincere, deep dialogue about the issues facing their country and the world.

What I find is we have more in common then one may think on issues of national identity, immigration, taxes, health care and, of course, terrorism.

Recently in Sweden, there has been the rise of a national party that is being called racist because it speaks to immigration in a very tough way. Some liken this party to the Nazis. I ask and am told that there are some in this party that have extreme views which have been known to be extremely polarizing. But the main thrust is immigration and only allowing Europeans into Sweden.

They tell me the real underlying issue is about not allowing those in the country that want to live under Sharia law. The fear is a lack of assimilation from the community.

This is not an irrational fear but a very real and present danger that is happening in some European countries because of the gradual influx of those that practice Islam. We are seeing the rise and demand that Sharia Law be the acceptable form of governance to those that practice it, regardless of the laws and constitution of the host country.

Now this does cause me concern. Will l I be called a “Nazi” racist for not wanting Sharia Law coming to an American community near you?

While in Sweden I also spoke to those from England. I ask them what they see and feel is happening. They are frustrated and tell me it is OK for Muslims to be racist, but their government is too soft and being too “politically correct.” It is fascinating to me that the Left is always accusing the Right of fear tactics, but they are the first to label and create fear except when it is really warranted.

The Left prefers to pander to current minorities to gain favor in the political process rather than exposing the real danger that lies beneath the surface of such pandering. I am not excluding the right for its pandering. But the difference between both parties is that given the choice between national security and turning a blind eye or making an “Unholy Alliance” with those that could pose a threat, the left will always opt for blindness.

Maxine Waters

One such case that was recently brought to my attention was by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who in 2012 attended a conference given by the Islamic Society of Orange County. Its subject was “Sharia and the Constitution,” February 19, 2012.

The Honorable Mrs. Waters spoke for 12 minutes and reassured those in attendance, to applause, that Sharia Law is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. She went on to say that racial profiling of Muslims must stop and then sites intelligence from the Muslim community that helped thwart several terrorist attacks.

She also speaks of homegrown terrorists oddly, only citing those that may have had an extreme right wing leaning. She never mentioned the Black Panthers or the Weather Underground or SDS or any number of left-leaning terrorists.

Anyway, it appears she minimizes the greatest threat to freedom today. I am no way inferring that those at this conference were not good, law-abiding citizens, but Ms. Waters have you never seen Steve Emerson’s Jihad in America? Emerson went undercover to mosques in different parts of America from 1988 to 1993. Therein you will see the imminent danger to America that many ignored.

You are an elected official, Ms. Waters, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, are you not?

From what I understand, Islam and Sharia Law cannot be equated with any other religion because it does not separate religion and politics. They are co-joined. If this is so, it is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution. By establishing the precedent of Sharia Law in the U.S., a beheading of a homosexual by a Muslim or someone following Islam could base their defense on Sharia. The beating of women could be defended by Sharia. The refusal to pay taxes could be defended by Sharia.

If Ms. Waters had gone to that conference and wanted to be truly courageous, the dialogue would not have been to pander but establish an honest exchange explaining the fear some feel about Islam and what can the Islamic community do to better assimilate into America and American society.

You see, the real issue is not Islam and the Constitution but rather, “What can Islam do in denouncing radical Islam and help protect America from its extremists, and why aren’t they doing it?” This is the question to which our politicians and media must get answers.

The brilliant satirist Bill Maher aired his concern for Islamic extremists on CNN with Anderson Cooper, stating that the Koran, as he read it, is violent and dangerous.

If Maher really feels this way here is another example of the Left’s touchy feely, kiss-ass hypocrisy. Why isn’t Waters on Maher’s ‘Flip a District’ top ten list? I believe he should take Congressman John Kline, a 25-year U.S. Marine veteran whose record Funny Billy misrepresented, off his ‘Flip a District’ and replace him with Waters.

At least I know Kline will protect and defend America and the U.S. Constitution. How about it, Bill? Use your HBO show not for just spreading your agenda but being fierce in protecting the country you love.

At the end of the day go to London and other countries in Europe where there is a growing Muslim population and see what’s happening. Those that turn a blind eye today will be held accountable for the future of our country. And this constant bitching about racial profiling has got to stop. Profile away. It has been done to Italian-Americans for years and not for national security reasons.

We must face this head on and it should be part of everyone who is running for office’s campaign, not gay marriage, not abortion, not ObamaCare, not climate change. While these are all important issues they are not the most crucial. We must find a way to immediately engage, not America’s acceptance for Sharia but those who wish to live here’s respect and embracing our way of life!

In Iraq and Syria today there is an “N” for Nazarene, being painted on the homes of Christians, and they are told either convert to Islam or else. Remember not so long ago when German officials painted similar signs on the homes of Jewish citizens?

It started with only a handful of extremists.

One last thing while we are speaking of “Flip a District.” Finally, Henry Waxman has stepped down, so the man to vote for is Elan Carr, another military veteran who will protect and defend America.

Oh, and getting back to Sweden, while we all may have different views on Iraq, the overwhelming consensus here is that President Bush was right about Iraq after all! Isn’t that strange? And what is stranger, the Swedes brought it up to me.

It appears the world may want a strong America after all. They want an exceptional America. They need an exceptional America.


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