Creed’s Scott Stapp Releases Shocking Video on Facebook: Penniless and Living at Holiday Inn

Creed’s Scott Stapp Releases Shocking Video on Facebook: Penniless and Living at Holiday Inn

In a video posted to Facebook late Monday night, Creed frontman Scott Stapp confesses that he is broke and currently living in a Holiday Inn hotel.

In the 15-minute video, Stapp claims he is “under vicious attack,” and outlines a series of recent incidents that have allegedly left him “completely penniless.”

“Hey, what’s up guys, Scott here,” Stapp begins in the grainy-looking video. “I’m sure you’ve heard the many rumors and slanderous, libelous accusations over the last few weeks. You know, first I was dead, then it came out obviously that that was a hoax. Then there were rumors that I’m on drugs, and drinking, and relapsed, and in rehab… that’s also a lie, it’s not true. I’m as sober as can be.”

Stapp says his problems began eight weeks ago, after he conducted an audit of his personal and professional finances. He said the audit revealed that “a lot of money” was stolen from him, or that royalties due to him from his record label were not paid. 

“That’s when all hell began to break loose,” Stapp explained.

He said that about four or five weeks ago, the IRS froze his bank accounts “two or three times,” leaving him “completely penniless.” Stapp claims that when he contacted the IRS, he was told it was a “clerical error” and that his money would be returned in nine to ten months.

“I don’t understand how that’s fair in America,” Stapp said. “This all will be public, I’m gonna take it public, and I’m gonna expose, and I’m gonna fight every single individual that is responsible for this.”

Stapp also claims in the video that he is living at a Holiday Inn, and that he was forced to sleep in his truck for several weeks because he didn’t have any money for gas or food. Toward the end of the video, he asks for legal help to aid him in recovering his money.

“Obviously, God has a reason for this,” Stapp said. “I’m maintaining my faith, I’m trying to every day see what God is trying to teach me through this, and I’m trying to keep a positive attitude… I know He has a purpose. I believe in Jeremiah 29:11. I believe in Isaiah 44:8, that God has a purpose and a plan, and that is to give me a future and hope.”


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