Daily Mail: Lena Dunham Purchases $4.8 Million Condo

Daily Mail: Lena Dunham Purchases $4.8 Million Condo

In an exclusive, The Daily Mail reports that Lena Dunham just swapped out her “modest $500,000 apartment for a $4.8 million condo[.]” The Mail adds in the headline and sub-headline: “(so THAT’S what she spent her $3.7 million book advance on) … Writer at center of controversy over book which claimed she was raped as man prepares to sue her over allegation[.]”

Daily Mail:

Girls star Lena Dunham has splashed out more than $4.8 million on a sprawling new home after moving out of her modest $500,000 apartment.

The 28-year-old writer, actress and director has moved into the four-bedroom apartment with her longtime boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff.

Lena – who scored a reported $3.7 million book advance for her memoir Not That Kind Of Girl from publishers Random House – bought the property in her beloved Brooklyn. …

The Girls star has however found herself at the center of controversy as a result of her memoir.

The first incident was over the memoir’s description of her relationship with her sister. …

That was followed by further controversy over her claim that she was raped while at university by a man she identifies as ‘Barry One’, a ‘mustachioed campus Republican’.

The man who fits that description has now retained an attorney and taken steps towards suing her, saying that he has asked since the book’s publication for his name to be cleared.

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