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Profile In Courage: Islam Not Mentioned In Harvey Weinstein Charlie Hebdo Op-Ed

Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein penned a column for Variety titled, “Paris Attacks a Fight Between ‘Good Versus Evil.’” In it, Weinstein mentions Charlie Brown, Little Orphan Annie, and Socrates. One word conspicuously absent, though, is “Islam.” You won’t find “Muslim,” either.

Weinstein is all about “bravely” calling out the ideology of the evil barbarians who massacred over a dozen innocent people in Paris last week, but he doesn’t have the moral courage to call them out by name.

The Nazis, however, do earn a mention in Weinstein’s column.


Also missing from Weinstein’s preening is a promise he has made before about fighting for what he believes is right — the promise to call attention to a subject by producing movies about it.

Weinstein’s willing to make movies supporting the weakening of every American’s right to defend themselves. He’s also produced films that mock Catholicism. Apparently, movies that fight this nameless “evil” of his are not on the agenda.

You’re a real profile in courage, Harvey.


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