BBC Describes Terrorists Killed In War By Chris Kyle as ‘Victims’

U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Marine Corps

According to the BBC, Chris Kyle shot “victims” not evil barbaric terrorists determined to take the lives of American Marines and/or innocent Iraqi civilians. In an irresponsible piece of reporting that details no facts about the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) claim that “American Sniper” is “behind a rise in anti-Muslim threats,” the BBC writes:

But [American Sniper] has caused controversy. Some have hailed its portrayal of Kyle as a war hero, but others have criticised it for glorifying violence and for Kyle’s attitude towards his victims.

Kyle, a Navy Seal, served four tours of duty in Iraq and killed more than 160 people, making him the most deadly sniper in American history.

The film is based on his book, also titled American Sniper, in which he claimed to have no regrets and referred to those he killed as “savages”.

The last paragraph is correct but incomplete. Kyle not only referred to the terrorists he shot as “savages,” he correctly referred to them as “evil savages.”

Describing terrorists killed in  war before they could murder as “victims” is like describing the BBC as  unbiased morally literate news outlet.

Kyle killed those savages in an act of self-defense, and served with honor and distinction in a barbaric war the barbarians chose to make barbaric.

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