Kevin Costner: Guns for Me, Gun Control for You

Screenshot/Wyatt Earp
Screenshot/Wyatt Earp

On January 26, USA Today released an interview with Kevin Costner in which the actor talked about owning guns for himself and enjoying them, but hoping for “stricter” gun control to be implemented.

Costner was being interviewed for his soon-to-be released film, Black or White.

In the interview, USA Today wished Costner a happy birthday and then asked if he received any toys as presents. Costner responded by saying his wife got him a shotgun, but combined this admission with an expression of hope that more gun laws will succeed in being passed.

Costner said:

Look, in this politically-charged [climate], my wife got me a shotgun, ’cause I hunt. And she got me an heirloom. And I know that there’s a lot of thoughts about guns, and…[it’s] almost like race, almost like black or white, you’re either on one side or you’re on the other. I own guns and, for myself, I hope that there are stricter gun laws. I’m all for it. I’m not so black or white about that.

He then segued to passing possessions to one’s children after you die. He said his wife has jewelry and will pass that jewelry to her daughters when she dies, but he wants to pass guns to his sons when he is gone.

He expressed a sentiment nearly every gun owner in flyover country can relate to when he talked of how, in years to come, he wants his sons to lean their face against the stock of one of his guns during a hunt and know that their dad once leaned his face against that very stock. He also expressed a desire that those guns will be passed down to his son’s children so “their sons will hunt with them one day” as well.

Missing in this is the fact that you can’t have “stricter gun laws” and a desire that your children, and your children’s children, enjoy the guns and freedom we now enjoy. The two thoughts–more freedom and more restrictions–are mutually exclusive to a large degree.

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