2 Chainz Smokes 24k Gold-Covered ‘Most Expensivest’ Joint in the World

GQ Magazine / YouTube
GQ Magazine / YouTube

GQ magazine dropped the Season 2 premiere of its online series “Most Expensivest S**t” on Tuesday, in which rapper 2 Chainz smokes a 24-karat gold covered joint filled with $800 per ounce weed.

The “Most Expensivest S**t” series follows 2 Chainz as he lives the good life, copping $30,000 headphones, eating $300 hamburgers, and sampling $1,000 ice cream sandwiches.

For the Season 2 premiere, the rapper visits a smoke shop to pick up Shine’s 24k gold plated rolling papers. After securing the expensive papers, 2 Chainz suggests they fill them with an appropriately expensive strain of herb “and have an expensive experience.”

Cue Dr. Dina, the “real-life Nancy Botwin” from the television show Weeds, who happened to have brought along the world’s most expensive, canned weed ($100 per can, $800 per ounce). Still, Chainz looks a little disappointed when he opens up one of the cans.

“This s**t is like them Lay’s potato chips, you open up them sh**s and there’s only four on the inside,” he laments.

As the rapper and the good doctor wait for the medicine to be rolled, Chainz pulls out a massive pipe, what he calls “the biggest in the world.” Dr. Dina uses a butane torch to spark it up, and the store quickly turns into a marijuana-infused steam room.

Then comes the world’s most expensive joint.

“You can actually taste the gold,” Dr. Dina exclaims.

“Talk about being flamboyant,” the rapper says in his wrap-up. “It was almost so fancy you didn’t wanna smoke it, but you know me; f*** that.”

2 Chainz recently squared off in a debate with HLN’s Nancy Grace over the legalization of marijuana, with the Internet unanimously crowning the pro-legalization rapper the winner. When Grace heard about Chainz’s stunt, she called it “ironic.”

“The caviar of joints?” Grace told Rolling Stone. “For someone as smart and educated as 2 Chainz, this video is even more ironic. 2 Chainz won’t allow his children to have caffeine: not even a soda. (P.S., I don’t either.) Wait until his children spot this video on the Internet. Explain that, Daddy!”


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