Watch: ‘Drunken’ Dave Chappelle Slurs Words on Stage, Fans Demand Refund


Dave Chappelle’s angry fans in Detroit are requesting refunds for a Thursday night show, after the comedian allegedly turned his spot into a drunken catastrophe, reports TMZ.

According to sources in the crowd, the seemingly intoxicated Chappelle took the stage an hour late Thursday night in Fillmore, and instead of telling jokes, he sat quietly in a chair smoking cigarettes and slurring his speech.

A person in the crowd can be heard in the video below yelling, “Let’s hear some of the act!” to which Chappelle responds, “Well, sir, it’s a little late for that. Right now, I’ve gotta get off the stage because it’s 2:00 in the morning.”

Others began to remind him it was only one 1 a.m., but to no avail.

Many on Facebook have since slammed Chappelle’s performance, calling the show “a waste of time and money,” “more like a press conference,” and “HORRIBLE.”

Fans are requesting refunds for their tickets, which ranged from $50 to $240. However, a Fillmore spokesperson told TMZ they cannot be held accountable for the artist’s content.

“Out of the 50 shows on the tour, Thursday was definitely not his best set. On the flipside, the incident inspired some additional sharp-witted material and [Friday] he came back with a vengeance,” Chappelle’s representative said.

Watch: Dave Chappelle slurs his speech in Detroit


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