SNL: Keenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan Refuse to Draw Muhammad in Hilarious Skit

NBC/Saturday Night Live
NBC/Saturday Night Live

This week’s Saturday Night Live took on a controversial and timely issue in spoofing last week’s Draw Muhammad contest, at which two Islamist radicals were killed after opening fire on a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

In the skit, two teams of “Picture Perfect” game show contestants vie for a million dollar prize by guessing what their teammates are drawing. The first clue is easy: two quick doodles of a girl and an arrow lead to last year’s hit movie Gone Girl.

It’s when Bobby Moynihan takes the pen that the skit takes a turn for the funny. The clue he has to draw: “The Prophet Muhammad.”

Moynihan’s face instantly turns ashen as he hesitates to turn around and start drawing.

“Go ahead, honey, you can do it!” cheers on special guest Reese Witherspoon.

After a few seconds of terrified pause, the host reminds Moynihan he can trade the clue with a teammate. Up comes a confident Keenan Thompson, who also turns to stone when he reads the clue.

“Uh, uh, I dropped my pen!” Thompson exclaims, launching the pen across the room. He still refuses to draw even after the host reminds the audience that if the “Hoffmans” don’t win the million-dollar prize, a million dollars will be subtracted from their bank account.

With nothing drawn on the page, it’s up to Witherspoon to take a wild guess at the clue.

When she miraculously gets it right, the host helpfully chimes in: “Remember, the takeaway here is that these two men drew the Prophet Muhammad,” which Thompson and Moynihan desperately, and hilariously, refute.

Check out the full segment above.


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