Spike TV to Censor Clint Eastwood’s Jenner Joke


Spike TV is supposed to be a manly man’s network but in the face of the left’s fascist political correctness crusade to ensure Bruce “Call Me Caitlyn” Jenner doesn’t face anything that isn’t gushing and celebratory , the so-called Man Channel is censoring an innocuous joke made by The King of All Men, Clint Eastwood.

During the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, which was filmed Saturday for replay later on Spike TV, Eastwood compared former-wrestler Dwayne Johnson to other athletes who have gone on to enjoy Hollywood stardom. “Like Jim Brown and Caitlyn Somebody…” Eastwood said.

Since the news of the joke got out, and the predictable fascist uproar began in the entertainment and mainstream media, Spike TV has announced they would cut the joke.

What a bunch of cowards.

And do you want to know who else is a coward, Jenner.

If Jenner really wanted to do something healthy for civil rights, he would rebuke the politically correct Nazism going on in his name. My guess, though, is that he doesn’t have the courage. Jenner knows that in order to squeeze every last bit of fame out of his 69  year-old self, he must kowtow to the fascist left-wingers in the media who are generating all of that fame.

If Jenner rebukes them, if he dares cross one boundary on the Progressive Plantation, he’ll find himself the forgotten and discarded Cindy Sheehan of the LGBT movement faster than you can say “science project.”

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