Wikileaks: Sony Asked Stars About Herpes During Film Productions

AFP Photo
AFP Photo

New documents released by Wikileaks Thursday demonstrate an attempt by Sony to prevent the spread of herpes on film sets, according to Radar Online.

First obtained during last year’s Sony hack, a new cache of stolen documents has been published, mostly regarding legal and financial matters but also including a “secret document” that, if accurate, shows stars were asked to fill out questionnaires about their cold sores.

Per Radar, in order to be insured for a film shoot, numerous actors working on projects for the studio were required to fill out and sign a “Cold Sore Questionnaire” and were asked to “describe cold sore locations.”

The stars were then pressed to confess when the sore or sores first appeared, admit how long their cold sores generally last, reveal potential triggers, and disclose whether or not they had taken any medications to treat them.

Stolen emails related to multiple films also showed actors sometimes opted to skip questions about cold sores to avoid being hounded by Sony.

One email obtained by Radar Online allegedly reveals during pre-production on the new release Aloha, Sony learned an actor working on the film was taking medication for Herpes Simplex 1, but the site has chosen not to name the actor, who is described as “not one of the leads.”

The site reports:

“[Redacted] has restrictions …” an insurance agent told the studio about the actor, who was not one of the leads.

“The cold sore questionnaire says he uses Abbreva (which is not a prescription medication). If there is a prescription medication he takes, please have the cold sore questionnaire revised to show the prescription medication (also, artist would need to check the box on the cold sore questionnaire that says he’d take the prescription medication before & during filming as a preventative measure.”

Other stars include a “very well-known A-list actor working on another project” who refused to answer the cold sore question, and an Academy Award-winning actress in her late 50s revealed that she also suffers from cold sores.

Through emails, the actress “stressed that she would take medication” during production as a “preventative measure.”


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