Dear Morons: You Are Paying For an Illegal Alien’s MTV White-Shaming Film

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Do you watch MTV? Probably not. No one really does. So how is it that a network with almost no viewers manages to not only stay on the air but produce “White People,” a white-shaming movie directed by a racist illegal alien named Jose Antonio Vargas?

Answer (and I say this with affection): morons like you and I.

Is MTV part of your cable package? If it is, you are funding MTV, and doing so directly with money coming right out of your pocket. And that money is going to fund white-shaming films directed by racist, cultural supremacists like Jose Antonio Vargas.

Like dozens of cable channels — CNN and MSNBC are also good examples — viewership has almost nothing to do with the network’s revenue.

The reason your cable bill is so obnoxiously high is because too many of us are dumb enough to pay for cable (and satellite). Yes, you are literally paying for dozens of channels you never watch, and almost as many of those channels pump toxic cultural bilge directly into your home 24/7.

These hidden fees are called carriage fees. You pay them (yes you do!), and numerous left-wing multinational media corporations make billions off of this scam.

And this scam is why you are forced into paying for expensive cable packages that include all those channels.

And this scam is how YOU are funding a racist illegal alien’s white-shaming movie.

There is a solution: cut the cord.


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