HUFF PO: Ariana Grande Issues ‘Donut Fiasco’ Apology Video That Doesn’t Explain Donut-Licking


It seems that Ariana Grande’s Doughnut-licking problems are only just beginning. After a first attempt at what was seemingly an ineffective apology, the embroiled donut-licking pop princess issued yet another apology, this time via video…poignantly entitled “Sorry babes.”

It’s not clear if “babes” refers to 1) the American people for saying “I hate Americans” 2) The shop owners who were docked a grade by the health department after the incident 3) the doughnuts themselves 4) the millions of fans she’s desperately trying not to lose in the wake of this PR disaster or 5) her management team which must scrambling and by scrambling, I mean preparing for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser.

But what’s worse for the young doughnut licking singing phenom, is that even the liberal media seem to be covering this story. Enter the Huffington Post which aptly noted that in the poignant confessional (shot black and white, film noir style for extreme gravitas) Grande never apologizes for licking the doughnut. So what is she apologizing for? Seemingly apologizing for not having a more effective apology:

“I feel like the apology that I posted — I kind of missed my opportunity to actually, like, sincerely apologize and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my issues with the food industry, which is not, I feel like, relative,” she explained in a video posted on YouTube. “I feel like I could’ve expressed myself in a different way, so here I am.”



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