Fashion Show for Men’s Underwear Shut Down After Turning into Violent Mosh Pit


Men’s underwear, alcohol, Mexican wrestling and hip-hop don’t mix. Just ask Marc Sprung, the owner of the New York City gym Church Street Boxing.

Wednesday night, fashion company The Eighth introduced a new line of men’s underwear at Sprung’s training center in Tribeca, and guests (some of them in their undies) got so out-of-control, he threw everyone out.

A slew of minor celebrity guests and fashion designers, including Scout Willis, May Kwok, and DJ Chelsea Leyland were in attendance for the rowdy underwear party.

Page Six reports prior to a performance by rapper Travis Scott, spectators watched a “lucha libre”-type Mexican wrestling match between two masked men, who were both wearing Eighth briefs and knee-high socks. The match reportedly set the tone for chaos, and by the time Scott performed for the capacity crowd, things were heating up.

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A source told Page Six 20 minutes into Scott’s set; aggressive spectators formed a mosh pit and began throwing drinks into the ring.

That’s when Sprung turned on the lights and ordered everyone out.

Entertainment mogul Russell Simmons reportedly showed up just as things were winding down, and after hearing of the chaos, said, “Well, that’s hip-hop for you!”


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