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Kim Kardashian West: Sandra Bland Story a Shady, Massive Cover Up

AP Photo/Pat Sullivan

Kim Kardashian offered her opinion of the Sandra Bland story on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

This tweet came a couple hours after autopsy results were revealed by an assistant district attorney in Waller County, Texas. The autopsy concluded Bland had committed suicide by hanging and that there was no sign of a struggle which might indicate foul play.

The autopsy also found some healed cuts on one arm, described as 2-4 weeks old, which the assistant DA described as “consistent with self injury.” It wasn’t immediately clear if Kardashian was responding to the autopsy results or speaking more generally. An hour later, Kim published another tweet to her 33.7 million followers which clarified she was indeed suggesting a cover up had taken place:

There was no further explanation of what the massive cover up might entail; however, the case has already generated some conspiracy theories. For instance, some, including prominent supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, have suggested Ms. Bland might already have been dead when her mug shot was taken.

A review of her recent Twitter activity shows West mostly focuses on her photo shoots and, occasionally, pictures of her family. Weighing in on an investigation with racial and political overtones seems to be somewhat out of character for her.


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