Kevin Bacon Wants to Free the Penis


It’s not every day one of Hollywood’s leading men issues a plea to see more penis and butt on screen.

Actor Kevin Bacon says there’s not enough male full frontal nudity in film and TV, and in a new PSA is asking his counterparts to #FreeTheBacon.

“Gentlemen, it’s time to free the bacon. And by bacon of course I mean your wiener, your balls, and your butt,” says the Footloose star.

Bacon points specifically to the HBO smash show “Game of Thrones” for censoring men and their privates, and has apparently grown tired of not seeing more genitals on screen.

“You got three sex scenes an episode. How hard would it be to show one or two wieners every couple of minutes?” he asks. “Let me be on the show. Come on! I’ll play a naked wizard or something.”

He adds: “Have you seen ‘Wild Things?’ I was super naked in that…it was awesome. Matt Dillon was there. He saw my wiener. ‘Hollow Man,’ I had an infrared weiner in that.”

Bacon goes on to say it’s in his contract agreement that at least one sex scene should be included per role, but they often get edited out.

“Sore subject, but ‘The Following’ didn’t have a single shot of my penis and now it’s canceled,” he continued.

Bacon has asked those who want to see more wieners on screen to tweet the hashtag #FreeTheBacon.

Check out the video: