Ariana Grande Takes Massive Hit in Public Opinion

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Q Scores, the company that measures public opinion of celebrities and other public and media figures, has released its new list of the most liked and disliked celebrities in 2015.

The names at the top are no surprise: Kim Kardashian at #1 with a whopping score of 71, Justin Bieber at #2 with 63, etc.

But the Hollywood Reporter took a novel approach to the concept by putting together a primer on the biggest positive (really, negative) changes in Q Scores between 2013 and 2015; in other words, the celebrities and public figures who have taken the biggest hits in their public image in the past two years.

Some of the names on the list seem like no-brainers: Miley Cyrus at #8 with a 4-point Q Score “increase,” Robin Thicke at #4 with a 14-point increase.

Of course, no one’s reputation has taken a bigger hit than Bill Cosby, who comes in at #1 with a ridiculous 43-point increase. Cosby has faced accusations of sexual abuse from dozens of women this year, including three more who came forward this week.

Where the list gets interesting is at #2: pop star Ariana Grande, who was caught on tape licking and spitting on a bunch of doughnuts at a shop in southern California last month.

Grande issued two separate apologies for the incident, though neither one addressed the actual doughnut-licking. Instead, the singer focused on what she thought was the most offensive aspect of the incident: her remarks, made while inside the shop, that she “hates Americans” and “hates America.” Those remarks appeared to be in reference to the size or complexity of Wolfee Donuts’ confectionery creations, as in “I can’t believe Americans would eat this stuff.”

Grande’s first apology was a holier-than-thou screed in which the pop star claimed concern over the eating habits of Americans (even though, of course, the incident happened in a doughnut shop), and the second was a lengthy video confessional in which she apologized for the inefficacy of her first apology.

In any case, neither apology appeared to do the singer much good; Grande finished only behind Cosby on THR‘s list with a 26 point increase in her Q Score.

Check out the full list of the biggest celebrity falls from grace in 2015 below, courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter.

1. Bill Cosby, 43 point increase

2. Ariana Grande, 26 point increase

3. Mehmet Oz, 16 point increase

4. Robin Thicke, 14 point increase

5. Adrian Peterson, 13 point increase

6. Robert Griffin III (tied), 10 point increase

7. Judy Reyes, 10 point increase

8. Miley Cyrus, 4 point increase

9. Paula Deen, 3 point increase

10. NeNe Leakes, 1 point increase



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