Prayer Film ‘War Room’ on the Way to Becoming Box Office Sleeper Hit

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From filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the makers of “Courageous” and “Fireproof,” comes “War Room,” a small budget, faith-based film that is expected to have a solid opening weekend.

The three previous Kendrick brothers’ films, including 2006’s “Facing the Giants,” made a combined $87 million at the box office off a combined budget of $2.6 million.

The pair hopes to continue their success with “War Room,” which was produced with a larger $3 million budget, and debuts nationwide Friday in 1,100 theaters, according to TheWrap.

The film, from Sony’s Christian label, Affirm Films, features a mostly black cast, but tells a story that crosses the borders of race, according to Alex Kendrick.

“This film hits a need in our culture that is becoming more and more obvious. We need to return to prayer,” he said. “Politicians, government programs, and political correctness can’t fix the many issues that are destroying our culture. But God can.”

Of the film’s cast, Kendrick says, “We believe this story is best told from this vantage point. The passion, humor, and emotion we were looking for is so powerful from these characters. It would be a different film from any other perspective.”

Alex also tells TheWrap, “It was the right decision to cast these wonderful actors and this is one of the first faith-based films we’ve seen that reaches so strongly across racial lines.”

“War Room” tells the story of a successful, but broken black family, which is challenged to overcome its struggles with prayer.

Actress Priscilla Shirer told NBC News this week, “This is what I love about the film; here is a black man who is ok with humbling himself, admitting his wrong, saying he’s sorry, and sheds a tear or two in order to get his family right.”

Alex Kendrick also spoke to NBC, and said after praying; he and Stephen felt they needed to tell a story about the power of prayer.

“He [God] gave us the analogy of the war room. Just like the military uses a war room to strategize against the enemy.”

TheWrap reports the film is on track to gross between $4 million and $5 million this weekend, and could become a box office sleeper.

After opening Thursday “War Room” generated $600,000, routing Zac Efron’s music drama “We Are Your Friends,” which only made $175,000.

Watch the trailer below:


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