‘White People’ Director Confirms Sequel: America ‘Only Going to Get Gayer, Blacker, More Asian, More Latino’

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LOS ANGELES – Journalist and immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas has confirmed that he plans to make a sequel to his controversial MTV film White People.

Vargas, perhaps the best-known illegal immigrant in the United States, revealed the news during a Q&A following a screening of his film at the PolitiCon convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday.

“This country is only going to get gayer, blacker, more Asian, more Latino,” Vargas said toward the end of the session. “It feels like what’s at stake in America is the souls of white heterosexual males. We cannot talk about diversity in this country without including white people in the conversation.”

In addition to news of the sequel, which Vargas said he hopes to release early next year, the outspoken immigration activist revealed plans to launch a new magazine called “Emerging Us.” In it, Vargas said, he hopes to include a regular section titled “White People,” which will focus on caucasian people as an “emerging minority” in the United States.

In his film and in his remarks afterward, Vargas repeatedly discussed the ideas of white privilege and inequality in education. He said that a “disruption” is needed to ensure that immigrant children, and children in the Latino and black community, receive adequate schooling.

“Can you imagine if Asian parents stood up for black and Latino students? That would be a disruption,” Vargas said. “A revolution that’s waiting to happen is teachers of all backgrounds advocating for undocumented immigrants.”

Vargas also discussed his experience last year at the Texas-Mexico border (which, he had predicted earlier, “will never be fully secure.”) The journalist was detained by Border Patrol agents after attempting to board a flight home from McAllen, Texas last summer.

“I was prepared to be deported,” Vargas said of the experience, saying he had packed his bags. “What I wasn’t prepared for was the ignorance and indifference.”

Of course, no discussion of immigration and white privilege at a political convention could have elapsed completely without at least a passing mention of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, who has made illegal immigration the centerpiece issue of his campaign.

“I’m thankful for Donald Trump,” Vargas said. “All he’s done is show ourselves to ourselves.”

Check out the trailer for MTV’s White People above.


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