‘Love Ranch’ Owner: If Lamar Odom Doesn’t Pay $75K Bill, ‘I’m Going after Khloe’ Kardashian

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Lamar Odom may not have settled all of his outstanding debt to the brothel where he was found unconscious earlier this month — and if he does not pay, the owner has pledged to go after his wife, Khloe Kardashian.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada where Odom is believed to have overdosed on cocaine before slipping into a coma two weeks ago, told the Wrap that the former NBA player and reality TV star has not fully settled his $75,000 bill.

“He paid his credit card but then I got a call from Boulevard Management asking all these questions, ‘What were these charges for?’ and such. So, in my mind, are they trying a way to not pay the bill?” Hof told the outlet. “If he doesn’t, I’m going after Khloe and her husband.”

Odom is currently recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after awakening from his coma on October 16. Kardashian, who filed for divorce from the former Laker in December 2013, went to court this week to withdraw the divorce papers after the couple decided to keep their marriage intact.

Hof told the Wrap that now that the couple have decided to stay together, “a good wife would pay her husband’s bill,” and implored them to “do the honorable thing.”

Odom’s four-day stay at the Love Ranch consisted of very little love-making, according to Fox News. Instead, Odom reportedly watched movies, talked and had dinner with the women at the brothel. He also reportedly slept alone for most of his stay.


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