Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson: Gun Control Advocates ‘Looking at Something Else to Blame’

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

During the October 27 airing of Fox News’ Outnumbered, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson spoke out against gun control by pointing out that guns are already heavily regulated and suggesting that the continuous push for more regulation is a means of blaming something else for failures in other parts of society.

Referencing the Democrats who push gun control after every highly publicized shooting, Robertson said, “The problem [is] they keep looking at something else to blame, which is the guns.”

He then referenced the tragic incident at Oklahoma State University on October 24, when a woman crashed into spectators at a homecoming parade, killing 4 and wounded approximately 50. Robertson said:

God forbid we find out that that car that just went through that parade–God forbid she has mental illness and that’s why she just ran her car through. Are we taking cars away now? Because they can be just as lethal [as guns].

Robertson continued:

Guns are regulated. If you go to buy a gun, believe me,  it’s regulated. And the guns are in the hands of mostly good people, just like police officers are mostly good people. Yes, there are some bad ones, but you can’t just make a sweeping [move to] take away the whole Second Amendment over this.

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