Roof Caves In On Cop-Hater Tarantino: 1,000 Police Organizations Join ‘Hateful Eight’ Boycott


The chickens have come home to roost for director Quentin Tarantino, a thousand of them in fact, as the National Association of Police Organizations announces that it, and the 1,000 police units and associations it represents, will join the boycott against “The Hateful Eight.”

Add to that number nearly a quarter of a million law enforcement officers represented by this group.

In a cynical attempt to boost his standing with the left-wing black media, the sheltered, out-of-touch Tarantino joined a Black Lives Matter-affiliated anti-cop hate rally and called police officers “murderers.”

Harvey Weinstein, producer of “The Hateful Eight,” is reportedly “furious” at Tarantino and “desperate” to see the director apologize for his objectively appalling comments. Weinstein has somewhere around $80 million invested in the three-hour Western, and after a lousy year, desperately needs a box office hit and an Oscar contender.

You can’t succeed in Hollywood at the level Tarantino has without being smart. His problem is that he’s bubble-dumb, so shielded and removed from real life that he thought spewing anti-police hate at a hate rally was good public relations.

Mr. Tarantino needs to turn off CNN, grow a beard, and move to Wyoming for a year.

Provincialism does not become him personally, nor does it become his art.


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