Oscar-Winning French Director to ISIS: Life in France Is About Sex and You’ll Never Change That

The Weinstein Company
The Weinstein Company

Academy Award-winning French director Michel Hazanavicius penned a defiant open letter to ISIS, warning the terrorist group that they will never defeat the country and its way of life — which, according to the filmmaker, consists almost entirely of having sex.

In a gleefully expletive-filled post on Facebook late Tuesday night, The Artist director issued a stern prediction to the terrorist outfit that claimed responsibility for the horrific murders of more than 120 innocent civilians in Paris on Friday: “You will not win.”

“Men and Women of the Islamic State: So that’s it, it’s official, you’re waging war on us,” Hazanavicius opened the letter, according to a translation by The Hollywood Reporter. “What’s frustrating is that you have no uniforms, no distinctive marks. We don’t know how to recognize you, and thus we don’t have anyone to fight against — though I hope such frustration doesn’t lead us to finger the wrong man. Yet if each death is, without a doubt, a sign of victory for you, you must know that you’re not about to defeat us. It’s even impossible. Because whatever you do, you will not change us.”

The letter continues:

Here in France, what we love is life. And the pleasures that go with it. For us, between being born and dying as late as possible, the main idea is to f***, laugh, eat, play, f***, drink, read, take a nap, f***, talk, eat, argue, paint, f***, take a walk, do some gardening, read, f**, give, f**, sleep, watch movies, scratch our balls, fart to make our friends laugh, but above all to f**, and eventually get a nice little handjob. We are the nation of pleasure, more than one of morals. One day, we may even name a plaza after Monica Lewinsky, and that will make us laugh.

The director also mockingly suggested that ISIS cannot stand the fact that French people often enjoy giving and receiving oral sex, but added that that intolerance stems from the terrorist group’s hatred of freedom: “Mark this word, because deep down, that’s what you don’t like in our house.”

Finally, the director said that the devastation wrought by ISIS would succeed only in bringing the country together to fight for its values, though he conceded that “we will not win either.”

“People will die for nothing,” the letter concludes. “Others will decide to back Le Pen, Assad or Putin to get rid of you, and we may lose two times over because of that. But you will not win. And those who remain will continue to f***, to drink, to have dinner together, to remember those who have died, and to f***.”

Red Hazanavicius’ complete letter to ISIS here.


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