WATCH: Californians Lie to Jimmy Kimmel About Voting Super Tuesday

California Lie Super Tuesday (Jimmy Kimmel Live / Screenshot / YouTube)
Jimmy Kimmel Live / Screenshot / YouTube

Californians were just as fired up as the rest of the country to get out and vote in the presidential primaries on Super Tuesday — so fired up, in fact, that many of them told Jimmy Kimmel Live! that their polling places were “packed” on Tuesday morning.

There’s just one problem: California was not one of the states that voted in the Super Tuesday contests.

That didn’t stop the handful of Californians who weighed in on the day’s action for the latest edition of Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News.”

One by one, the “voters” told Kimmel’s interviewer that they paid to cast votes, got “swag” — including coffee mugs — from polling officials, voted with a “hologram” system, and even used a cool new system “where you can vote by blinking your eyes.”

Watch all the brazenness of California “voters” in full above.


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