WATCH: Beyoncé Smashes New Orleans Police Camera with Baseball Bat in Trailer for HBO Mystery Project

beyonce Lemonade

Beyoncé released a provocative teaser trailer for a project that will premiere on HBO April 23, in which the pop queen appears to swing a baseball bat at a New Orleans Police Department surveillance camera.

Titled simply “Lemonade,” the teaser trailer features shots of a fur coat-clad Beyoncé huddled next to a car in what looks to be a graffiti-tagged garage, her face obscured by her coat.

Interspersed with this footage and with her low-key narration are shots of the singer wielding a baseball bat in front of a large explosion, and later taking the bat to a surveillance camera marked “N.O.P.D.,” seemingly referring to the New Orleans Police Department.


Other shots include a group of dancers painted in tribal patterns, and another shot of the singer in a field, as a low, droning note plays throughout.

“The past and the present merge, to meet us here… What are you hiding?… Lovers.. as trees… Why can’t you see me?” a whispering Beyoncé narrates.

“Lemonade” is set to premiere on HBO April 23 at 9pm ET, though it was not immediately clear whether the new project is a full album, a song or possibly even a documentary or narrative film.

Anticipation has built for a new project from the singer after her politically-charged Super Bowl halftime performance earlier this year, in which she and her backup dancers donned Black Panther Party-themed outfits and performed a piece of her single, “Formation.”

As Breitbart News reported, the music video for “Formation,” set in New Orleans, was “brimming with Black Lives Matter references,” including Beyoncé atop a submerged New Orleans police cruiser and shots of a young African-American child with his hands raised in front of a line of riot gear-clad police officers.

“Lemonade” will debut days before Beyoncé kicks off her Formation Tour. Some local police departments have vowed not to work security at the events in to express their disgust of the singer’s anti-cop messages in her music.

Beyoncé’s Formation Tour kicks off April 27 at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida.

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