Tim Robbins Compares Clinton Supporters to ‘Bushites,’ Rips ‘David Brock Narrative’ That ‘Feeds the Dysfunction’

Tim Robbins and Bernie

Actor Tim Robbins suggested Monday that the Democratic presidential nomination is being “stolen” from Bernie Sanders and given to Hillary Clinton due to “rigged” ballot machines and voter fraud, and blasted Clinton surrogate David Brock for “selling a fraudulent product.”

In a tweet Monday morning, the 57-year-old Shawshank Redemption star and Sanders supporter ripped the New York Times and CNN for “supporting” Clinton and posted a graph showing what appear to be wide discrepancies between exit polls and actual voting results in a handful of primary states.


“This election is being stolen. Below are the exit polls vs. the actual results. They highly suggest the machines are rigged,” the test inside the graphic reads. “In reality Bernie has won 4 more states & many more delegates.”

In a follow-up message, Robbins took aim at the organization Correct the Record, which serves as an advocacy group and watchdog for the Clinton campaign.

“There IS evidence of voter fraud in this election,” Robbins’ message read. “But go ahead with you David Brock narrative and cash those checks and feed the dysfunction. You are supporting a deeply flawed candidate with a disapproval rating that continues to grow with every tweet from your SuperPac.”

Robbins has been an vocal supporter of Sanders’ candidacy; the actor introduced the Vermont senator at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin earlier in April, where he repeatedly took aim at both the Democratic National Committee and at the Clinton campaign.

“The DNC and the Clintons have a big problem: times have changed,” the actor said at the Green Bay rally. “Bernie is not the obligatory progressive that will keep the left in line until the presumptive moderate nominee emerges. Bernie is not the Democratic party insider that will bow down to the wishes of the elite of the party. We are done with that patriarchy.”

Robbins was one of the early Artists for Bernie, alongside fellow actors Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito, David Koechner, Juliette Lewis, Jeremy Piven and Sarah Silverman.

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