Pop Group Animal Collective Raising Money to Fight ‘Bigotry’ of North Carolina’s Restroom Privacy Law

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American pop music group Animal Collective is selling recordings of its live performances to raise money to support organized efforts against North Carolina’s Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, commonly known as HB2.

“Recently, North Carolina passed a law, known as HB2, that dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use and attacks the rights of LGBT citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace,” the band wrote to fans. “We felt that cancelling our [Asheville] show, like many others have done in protest of this law, would be a disappointment to our fans and decided to go on with the performance. That being said, we don’t condone or agree with any type of bigotry or discrimination.”

Before Animal Collective, as Breitbart News previously reported, punk rock band Against Me founder Laura Jane Grace announced plans to funnel proceeds from her May 15 concert in Durham, North Carolina, toward efforts to repeal HB2. A few days later, country singer Brandi Carlile revealed similar plans.

To be clear, Animal Collective stated, “All proceeds from these downloads will go to Progress NC,” a progressive non-profit organization.

Last week, politically active singer Beyoncé Knowles used her Raleigh, North Carolina, concert to promote Equality NC, a pressure group actively working to repeal North Carolina’s Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act.

North Carolina’s law bans transgender men who identify as women from using public female restrooms in the state. The law also prohibits local governments from granting transgender people the right to use whatever public facilities they choose.

On Monday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch filed a federal lawsuit against North Carolina over the state’s restroom privacy law, claiming the legislation is a violation of federal civil rights laws.

Lynch said the law is “state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals who simply seek to engage in the most private of functions in a place of safety and security — a right taken for granted by most of us.”

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